Heraldic Achievements

Heraldic achievements, armorial achievements, armorials, achievements, and arms are all synonymous terms used to describe what is commonly referred to as a "coat of arms" in popular modern vernacular.

Heraldic achievements are an honor bestowed upon knights of the Order. Historically, achievements were usually granted by a royal authority. In the 21st century, in most parts of the world, individuals have the freedom to assume arms and have them registered by various state-run and independent organizations.

As a means of encouraging the spirit of knighthood, the Order of Christian Knights grants heraldic achievements to individuals who have been knighted in accordance with regulations and standards of the Order. Individuals who become knights of the Order after being granted or assuming arms may register their arms with the College of Heraldry. Knights are permitted to register their achievements with other organizations with the understanding that some heraldic traditions kept by the Order may not be permitted by other entities.

Obtaining a grant of achievement from the Order of Christian Knights is free of charge at this time, but knights may choose to pay for a professional heraldic artists to render their 

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