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You can start an application for you or your child to join the Order of Christian Knights here. The form below is stage 1 of the application process.

After our recruiters have reviewed your application, they will use your preferred method of contact to get in touch with you. They will dialogue with you about your background, interests, and commitment to the LORD Jesus Christ.  These dialogues will probably require email, telephone, and face-to-face oronline video chat communication.

If you live outside of our current areas of operation (Skagit County, WA and Ketchikan, AK) and are committed to becoming a member of the Order and serving faithfully, we will work with you to develop a study abroad program that fits your schedule and will adequately prepare you for service in the Order of Christian Knights. This study abroad program may require you to make in person visits to our current areas of operation, or if travel funds are available for one of our representatives to come to you.

Stage 1 Application

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